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HEC Sign On Letter

On May 24th, 50by25 Harrisonburg partnered with the Shenandoah Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Climate Action Alliance of the Valley in drafting a letter that was sent to  prospective City Council Candidates and current Council members.

The request asks the Council members and candidates to support distinct actions to reduce the production of carbon from the Harrisonburg Electrical grid.  The groups want the addressees to provide their positions by May 31.

See the attached letter for more info on what 50by25 has asked of the candidates.

Also see the supplemental document that outlines exactly why these changes are important.

This alliance of local environmental groups will also send out action alerts encouraging their supporters who vote at the June 4th Democratic Primary to consider these issues. In particular supporters should be aware of the upcoming 20 year contract that will be negotiated in the next year, when they vote for their candidate.

So far 50by25 has gotten a response from:

50 by 25 Logo Official and without text

Dany Fleming

Yes, I support adding "environmentally sustainable" to Section 8-1-8 of the Code of the City of Harrisonburg governing our municipally-owned utility, Harrisonburg Electric Commission (HEC).

Monica Robinson

I am in agreement with amending the City Code (section 8-1-8) to prepare our community for a more environmentally friendly way of using energy and healing our planet.

Paloma Saucedo

Please count on me as an advocate and ally to advance this cause.

Chris Jones

I am in support of protecting and preserving our environment through our local government.

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