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Chris Jones

Chris Jones

I am in support of protecting and preserving our environment through our local government. In 2014, one of my campaign goals was to see the hiring of a sustainability coordinator to help manage the city’s impact on the environment. Throughout my time on City Council I led on fulfilling this promise. I have worked with staff to see that the job description was written, posted on hiring sites, and now filled. It took a while but we as a community, as a staff, and as a council got it done.

I was one of the Council members in favor of and instrumental in the creation of the Environmental Performance Standards Advisory Committee. The forming of EPSAC was the fulfillment of a goal in the 2011 Comprehensive Plan. I commend Richard Baugh for his leadership on this committee’s formation and I appreciate him allowing me to submit input.

I am in favor of creating and exploring new ways and means to lessen the stress and pollution we put in the environment as a city. I do think more information is needed from our city Executive Leadership Team before a specific ordinance change is proposed. It would be immature and short sighted to make such a recommendation without our city staff’s professional input and feedback. However as proven with the formation and implementation of the Sustainabiliy Coordiantor position and EPSAC, I will vote in favor of actions that make us good stewards of our environment.

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